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Team LiVE brings the eight areas of wellness to life in order to prevent hardship situations common to post-military life from happening.  We accomplish this through the transparent 24/7 availability of information on a variety of topics and resources, engaging peer activities where current military and veterans can bond with their community while learning from their peers’ experience, and a community of supportive individuals and businesses that know that we can accomplish anything by working together.

Support our work by donating, volunteering, attending activities, or helping us plan and execute various initiatives.  Keep scrolling for more information.


Keep scrolling to see the current program in focus:  Project Comeback

Team LiVE
What are some of the grassroots initiatives that Team LiVE has made possible?

Monthly Military & Veteran Activities provide opportunities for current service members and Veterans to get out in the community, establish bonds and friendships, and learn from each others’ experiences at home in order to better address challenges related to military service.

Operation Comeback pairs Veterans together with horses that have been rescued from traumatic situations. They work together as the horse reacclimates to horse life and the Veteran reacclimates to civilian life.  See more below in the Program in Focus section.

The Women’s Veteran Club provides regular activities exclusively for women to work together and have space to openly discuss those post-military topics that may be more uncomfortable in coed settings.

Senior focused activities provide opportunities for older Veterans to receive current information, participate in regular exercise programs, address food insecurity and establish new bonds and friendships in the community.

Community Events

Participate in activities with Veterans in your community! Whether it's going on a group hike, painting, running an obstacle course or something else, you'll be happy you joined us.

Activities & Events

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Program in Focus

Project Comeback

Where Veterans and horses help each other move forward


Many horses are born and raised to perform a certain work function and never experience normal horse life.  When they can no longer no do the work they were raised for, they’re often discarded, which includes being put down at a young age or sold for the price of meat and put to slaughter.  This may be a 4-year old race horse that’s not winning enough, a work horse that gets injured and can no longer pull a wagon, or a miniature horse that was taken on as a pet, but was “not enough like a dog”.


Project Comeback rescues horses from this fate and gives both the horses and our Veterans a new purpose.  Project Comeback, sponsored by, a program of Easterseals Massachusetts, helps traumatized horses and Veterans come together to find healing.  Veterans are educated on horse life and help to patiently reeducate them back into horse culture while developing tools that will help the Veteran improve their own quality of life.

Programs You Can Actually See

Programs You Can Actually See Working

One of the unique benefits of supporting activities is the ability to actually see the programs work, easily communicate with staff and engage with individuals during activities.  Whether it’s through donations, event planning, volunteerism or something else, you’ll see the benefit first hand.

Project Comeback Open House


Spirit’s first career was as a race horse. Like so many others in this industry, he was trained to do only one thing – run fast and turn left. The story of the racehorse is a sad one, most are taken at a young age and put through rigorous training, never knowing how to be a horse. Then, still at a young age, they are discarded with no transition to a second career. Discarded was how Spirit was found, more specifically at a kill lot in Oklahoma, in March of 2019.


Bud was rescued from a “free” ad on Craigslist. Bud was an Amish plow horse most of his life, which means he worked long hard days pulling wagons and farm equipment. He wore his harness so much that it rubbed off all the hair on his nose and left him with scars all around his face. Bud is the most fearful horse of people that we have seen to date. When approached his entire body begins to tremble in fear. It took time and so much patience, but we are happy to say that our hard work has paid off and Bud LOVES scratches on his belly. Finally, at the age of 30+, Bud is able to enjoy the retirement he deserves


Matilda, Tilly for short, was a spontaneous rescue. Project Comeback was contacted by one of their local hay suppliers after he picked her up from a man who said “get rid of her, either find her a home or bring her to slaughter I don’t care just get rid of her!” We’re not sure what this sweet girl did to deserve such a horrible sentence, but we are certainly glad she ended up with a nice home. Tilly loves attention of all kinds, she is quite the diva…and being that cute, we can’t really blame her!