Be Part of Something Great

Our work focuses on the eight areas of wellness to get in front of problems before they compound into a crisis, rather than waiting until after a foreseeable crisis has been reached before reacting.  We accomplish this through the transparent 24/7 availability of information on a variety of topics and resources, engaging peer activities where current military and veterans can bond with their community while learning from their peers’ experience, and a community of supportive individuals and businesses that know that we can accomplish anything by working together.

Support our work by donating below, volunteering, attending activities, or helping us plan and execute various initiatives.  Keep scrolling for more information.

Community Events

Meet like minded Veterans in your community! Whether it's the Veteran lifting club, going on a group hike, you'll be happy you joined us.


Fundraising Events

Support local Veterans while accomplishing your own healthy living goals! We host seasonal challenges using friendly athletic/training competition to raise money for our Veteran programs and services.

Get Updates


Are you a business owner? Does your company have an employee resource group? We are always looking for Volunteers to join our regional boards and help engage local business partners to expand the footprint of Veteran resources.